32 Oz. Disinfectant



  • 32 OZ SAN-ASSURE:  32oz Disinfectant Spray bottles  are carefully designed with an easy-to-use spray trigger and molded neck allowing for maximum comfort as you spray and destroy infectious germs like MRSA. This size is perfect for cleaning everything from your home to larger scale commercial spaces, from retail stores, gyms and supply rooms to businesses and institutions. For greater needs, use the one gallon size to refill these spray bottles for convenient transportation as you move from one space to another to sanitize and disinfect.
  • SANITIZES WHILE KILLING ODORS: San-Assure’s Solution pairs with our electrostatic sprayer to offer hospital-grade sanitation in your home or small business. The fine, electrostatic mist reaches hard to reach areas and doesn’t need to be wiped off or rinsed – simply allow the solution to dry. Neutralize odors, eliminate mold and inhibit regrowth up to 7 months, kill food-borne illnesses and more with San-Assure.
  • EPA-REGISTERED SOLUTION: San-Assure’s fragrance-free cleaning solution is an all-purpose EPA-registered cleaner, sanitizer, and disinfectant. It kills mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses – including the virus that causes COVID-19. The solution eliminates odors at the molecular level; it does not mask them with fragrance. It’s safe to use on hard and soft surfaces according to its dilution recommendations.
  • SAFE AROUND FOOD, KIDS & PETS: The San-Assure solution is safe to use around food, kids, and pets – making it the perfect addition to your home cleaning routine. It’s great for spraying counters and sinks where e-coli and salmonella grow. Use it to eliminate pet odors from your furniture and carpet. Quickly disinfect children’s toys at the end of the day. San-Assure will quickly become your all-purpose cleaning and sanitizing solution.
  • PAIR WITH SAN-ASSURE ELECTROSTATIC SPRAYER: Used by professional cleaners for years, electrostatic attraction technology provides consistent and complete coverage of surfaces. The solution particles are charged as they leave the sprayer so that they are attracted to the object being sanitized. As a result, the solution wraps around the object coating front, sides and back ensuring treated areas are sanitized.


San-Assure is the perfect addition to your home or business cleaning routine. Coupled with San-Assure’s Electrostatic Sprayer, our EPA-registered disinfecting solution allows you to thoroughly coat and sanitize all surfaces quickly and efficiently.

At home, you’ll take comfort in knowing the solution is safe for use around food, kids, and pets. Spray soft surfaces to neutralize pet odors – even use it on outdoor furniture to eliminate mold and mildew and inhibit its regrowth for up to 7 months. Inside, disinfect and sanitize your counters, sinks, knobs, toys and more. Just add the the solution to the sprayer at the recommended dilution ratio, spray your surface and allow to dry. It’s perfect to use at the end of the day so you wake up to a fresh, clean, sanitized environment.

San-Assure is ideal for small businesses like daycares, retirement facilities, gyms, restaurants and more. The hospital-grade solution kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses while the electrostatic attraction technology ensures that all objects are completely coated.

Disinfecting and sanitization doesn’t have to be a difficult task - with San-Assure all you need to do is spray.