How to Banish Smoke Smells, for Good

How to Banish Smoke Smells, for Good

Entering a space inhabited by smokers can be frustrating due to the lingering smell of smoke, which persists long after the last smoking device has been extinguished.

This odor not only proves unpleasant but also poses potential health risks, particularly for vulnerable individuals such as young children, asthma sufferers, and those with compromised immune systems. To effectively eradicate stubborn smoke odors and eliminate the associated health hazards, it is imperative to employ a potent cleaning agent with proven odor-neutralizing properties. 

San-Assure stands as an exceptionally potent odor eliminator, capable of neutralizing even the most entrenched odors, including those stemming from cigarette smoke, with lasting efficacy. Unlike conventional air fresheners that merely mask odors with artificial fragrances, San-Assure operates through the process of oxidation, effectively eliminating odors at their source. Whether the offending odor originates from tobacco smoke, fire residues, mustiness, cooking fumes, or other sources, San-Assure delivers unparalleled performance. Its application can be accomplished through simple methods such as spraying, fogging, or wiping at full strength, ensuring comprehensive and long-lasting odor elimination.

Now, let's delve into a systematic approach for banishing smoke odors permanently, utilizing San-Assure. Here's a breakdown of the essential steps involved:

- San-Assure
- Anti-Allergen Laundry Detergent
- 2-3 Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
- 2 Buckets
- Mop
- HEPA Vacuum
- Carpet Cleaner or Hot Water Extractor


Commence the odor elimination process by maximizing ventilation within your living space. Open windows and doors to facilitate air circulation, thereby mitigating the intensity of smoke odors. While this step alone may not eliminate the odor entirely, it creates a conducive environment for subsequent cleaning endeavors. Additionally, consider replacing HVAC filters to eliminate any residual odor particles trapped within the system.


For residences previously occupied by smokers, it is advisable to engage in thorough cleaning and sanitization of air vents and ducts to eradicate contaminants, including tobacco smoke residues. Refer to specific guidelines for utilizing San-Assure in sanitizing HVAC systems and ductwork for optimal results.


Utilize a HEPA vacuum cleaner to meticulously vacuum all surfaces within the affected rooms. Adhere to the principle of cleaning from high to low surfaces to prevent the resettling of dust and debris. Ensure comprehensive vacuuming of ceilings, walls, trim, furnishings, and other surfaces, making multiple passes as necessary to achieve thorough cleanliness.


Initiate the laundering process by washing all washable items, including cushion covers, curtains, drapes, bedding, towels, and linens, using an Anti-Allergen Laundry Detergent supplemented with San-Assure. Incorporating San-Assure into the laundry cycle enhances the deodorizing efficacy, thereby ensuring the complete eradication of smoke odors.


Proceed to sanitize all surfaces utilizing San-Assure in its full-strength formulation. Prepare either our electrostatic sprayer or two buckets for this purpose: one containing San-Assure and the other filled with clean water for rinsing. Dip the mop into the San-Assure solution, ensuring thorough wringing to eliminate excess liquid. Methodically wipe down all hard surfaces, starting from the ceiling and progressing downwards. Employ microfiber cleaning cloths dipped in San-Assure to address trim, corners, furniture, and other water-safe items. Allow surfaces to air dry adequately, ideally overnight, before assessing odor elimination effectiveness. Repeat the cleaning process if residual odors persist.


Conclude the odor elimination process by addressing carpets, which often harbor significant smoke odors. Prioritize carpet cleaning as the final step to prevent recontamination from other cleaning activities. Utilize a carpet cleaner or hot water extractor in conjunction with San-Assure to neutralize smoke odors effectively. Ensure adherence to manufacturer instructions for optimal cleaning outcomes. Incorporating San-Assure directly into the cleaning solution enhances odor eliminating efficacy, facilitating the complete eradication of smoke odors.

By following these systematic guidelines and leveraging the potent odor elimination capabilities of San-Assure, you can banish smoke odors permanently, thereby ensuring a fresh and healthy living environment for occupants.

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