In food processing facilities, where maintaining the highest quality standards is non-negotiable, San-Assure emerges as a revolutionary solution, leading the way in sanitization. In this blog post, we'll explore how San-Assure sets a new standard in efficiency and safety, offering plant managers and food service operators the ultimate solution for superior cleaning and sanitization.


Versatility and Efficiency: At the core of San-Assure's effectiveness lies its versatility. This powerful product delivers exceptional sanitization across diverse settings, ranging from residential and commercial kitchens to federally-inspected meat and poultry processing facilities and food production lines. By simplifying operations with a single, potent solution, San-Assure sets a new benchmark in efficiency.

Rapid Action and Odor Neutralization: Experience the time-saving benefits of San-Assure's labor-saving formula. Its rapid action ensures swift and thorough sanitization, while its unique ability to neutralize odors sets it apart from the competition. Bid farewell to the need for multiple products—San-Assure comprehensively covers all your sanitization needs. 

✨High Bacteria Elimination Rate: In just 60 seconds, San-Assure, designated by NSF International as a “no rinse required” food-contact surface sanitizer, eliminates 99.999% of bacteria, including E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria. Ideal for use in food processing plants, its non-corrosive nature and optimal pH balance of 8-9 ensure efficacy without compromising surface integrity.

Biofilm Control: Biofilms pose a significant threat to food manufacturing, causing about 60% of foodborne illness outbreaks. Unlike ordinary sanitizers, San-Assure's unique chemical structure allows it to penetrate and disrupt the protective cell walls of organisms within biofilms, effectively controlling and eradicating them. The oxidizer biocide, stabilized chlorine dioxide (ClO2), ensures exceptional selectivity and superior efficacy against biofilms.

Odor Elimination and Ready-to-Use Disinfectant: San-Assure goes beyond sanitization; it serves as a heavy-duty odor eliminator, creating an enjoyable work environment by neutralizing persistent odors at their source. Additionally, it's ready to use, requiring no mixing, making it convenient for disinfecting food processing premises, including floors, walls, and storage areas.

Electrostatic Technology for Comprehensive Surface Disinfection: For jobs requiring 100% coverage of surfaces, electrostatic technology is key. San-Assure stands out as one of the few disinfectants dispersible via an electrostatic device. Its breakthrough technology, including components that decrease particle size, ensures cost-effective and time-efficient application with excellent performance and broad surface compatibility.

Elevate your operations in residential and commercial kitchens, as well as federally inspected food processing facilities, with San-Assure. Prioritize safety, quality, and the integrity of your food products by embracing this versatile, revolutionary product. Save time, save money, and ensure comprehensive surface disinfection with San-Assure's cutting-edge solutions.

Electrostatic Sprayer and Disinfectant Solution